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Cours La Ville - our twin town

Cours La Ville is situated in central France, in the South West corner of the Beaujolais area.

More precisely, it's 78km north west of Lyon and 30km east of Roanne, in the department of the Rhone. It's a small, engaging town, quiet in character with attractive streets and pleasant open spaces.

Set high up in a beautiful landscape, at an altitude of some 640 meters, it is surrounded by the forests and meadows that lie between the rivers Loire and Rhone...


   The view from the marie

Two towns in one

Cours La Ville is really two towns that have grown toward each other: Cours and        La Ville, with a total population of more than 4600.                                       

 Light industries

For a long period of time, many centuries in fact, Cours La Ville was known throughout France as a renowned centre for blanket making and textile production.  This has    now declined and has given way to a large number of light industries, many of which are timber based and use wood from the local forests.  The surrounding forests and meadows have a very well sign-posted network of walks which are also suitable for exploration using mountain bikes.   

Cours La Ville has many sporting clubs and associations and for its size is very well served with facilities including a football field and running track, a swimming pool and a multi-purpose sports centre.                  (Above: The town centre and market from the Mairie)    

       Cours welcome                                                                                                                                                                                        

Red Telephone Box in Cours La Ville

 The Winslow connection 

Cours La Ville's 30 year connection with Winslow has been marked in several ways over the years, including a street and a square named after Winslow, (Rue de Winslow and Place Winslow), a granite milestone, a genuine British telephone box (right) and, to commemorate the 30th Anniversary, a red, GPO post box situated outside the Mairie.

You can see more on the town’s website:


Forests and meadows surrounding Cours La Ville.

 the local landscape


Winslow Anglo French Twinning Association